10 Bulgarian soups and stews that every housewife should know

Bulgarian cuisine is a rich soup: vegetables, meat and fish. Some are seasonal – for example, tarator is common in summer, and others are regional – for bean soup from the Rhodope village of Smilyan and fish soup from the Black Sea and Danube.

1. Tarator

One of the most popular appetizers in our country is taratora. Few people know what it is, but it is still a cold soup made from Bulgarian yogurt, cucumber, dill, chopped walnuts and spices.

2. Bean soup

The classic bean soup recipe contains beans, vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, peppers, onions) and spices. Variations with sausage or other sausages added to bean soup are also popular. This dish is prepared according to a classic recipe without meat and is traditionally served at the festive table on Christmas Eve with other lean dishes, but it is also prepared all year round.

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3. Soup balls

Ball soup is a traditional Bulgarian soup made of minced meat mixed with spices, broth, vegetables, noodles or rice. When the soup is ready, add the egg, flour and yogurt mixture.

4. Tripe soup

Tripakiak is also one of the most popular dishes in our country. It is prepared from boiled and chopped beef or pork belly. Spices are added: garlic, vinegar, red pepper or hot pepper. It is often used as a hangover remedy.

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5. Fish soup

There are many ways to prepare fish soup, and it is mostly eaten in the Black Sea and Northern Dobrudja.

6. Chicken soup

Chicken soup is a popular traditional Bulgarian soup. Depending on the taste, it can be served with yogurt and eggs. It has chicken, noodles and vegetables.

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7. Curve soup

Kurban soup is prepared to celebrate private or public festivals, usually in a large cauldron or pot. It is prepared with lamb, onion, pepper, carrot, tomato, egg, rice, parsley, chives, black pepper, red pepper, salt, etc. Although tradition dictates that Kurban soup should be made with lamb, it is usually made with beef, chicken and pork, and some recipes do not add onion, as it gives the dish a unique flavor.

8. Boiled beef

Boiled beef is a traditional dish of Bulgarian cuisine, ground beef and vegetables (onions, tomatoes, carrots, red peppers, potatoes), mushrooms, red peppers, black pepper, salt, oil.

9. Lentil soup

In our country, as well as in many other Eastern countries, in Russia, Turkey and especially in India, lentils are an important part of the national cuisine. It is prepared with various spices, but according to the Bulgarian tradition, the main ones are salt and garlic.

10. Mushroom soup

There are many ways to prepare this soup, you can make it as a light or cream soup.

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