4 – secrets of the most delicious chicken soup that every housewife should know

Chicken soup is one of our favorites. We like to eat when we are sick and want to warm up, as well as the rest of the time. We can safely say that this is one of the children’s favorite soups. They love it, as long as it is prepared in the right way.

Like any party, chicken soup has its delicious secrets, and today we’re going to share them with you. Remember them every time you prepare this dish and we guarantee the end result will be a culinary masterpiece you can be proud of.

Here are the secrets of chicken soup:

Secret #1: Condensation

Any good cook would recommend thickening the soup by adding some noodles. You can use other methods, of course, but they are still noodles. In the end, you will have a delicious, divine soup that you will not be able to stop eating.

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Secret 2: The building

Many people are admirers of buildings. This addition gives the dish a density and a specific flavor that cannot be achieved with any spice or vegetable.

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But now it’s time to share with you how to make the perfect building. You have to turn off the soup and remove it from the heat. Then you add one or two eggs to the pot, depending on the quantity, and return to low heat again. The result is amazing!

Secret 3: Broths

Without broth, there is no way to get soup as we remember it from children. It is better to use broth to cook the meat. However, this only applies if you are cooking with home-grown chicken. If the meat you make the soup from is from the store, it is better not to use it, but add a cube of stock.

Secret 4: meat

This is the last secret, which really depends on the taste of our feast. If you choose the meat around the bone, the soup will be incredibly delicious. Chicken thigh meat is also an ideal choice for dishes.

These are the 4 secrets that depend on the taste of your party!

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