A recipe for a delicious vegetable cream soup that you can prepare today

In the following lines, we will share with you the perfect recipe to try with the arrival of autumn. It’s for a vegetable cream soup, it’s the perfect dish for those times when you need to prepare something in a hurry. It is important to make the soup in a pressure cooker. Here’s what products you need and how to:

Products for recipes:

Carrots – two pieces;

Turnip – a number (smaller);

Leek – a stalk;

Onion – one head;

Potatoes – three pieces;

Rice – a cup of coffee;

Fresh milk – two glasses;

Oil – two spoons;

Beef butter – 50-60 grams;

Salt to taste.

The most delicious summer soup with zucchini and no construction

Soup recipe

First, wash, peel and chop all the vegetables for the soup. Then wash the rice and let it dry from the water. Pour the oil into the pressure cooker (leave open) and sauté the carrots, turnips, onions and leeks. Pour warm water (four glasses) and put the rice and potatoes. Then close the pot and turn up the heat. When the steam starts coming out, lower the heat and wait for about fifteen minutes until it boils. Strain the finished soup and grate the vegetables. Then return their puree to the broth, add salt to taste and butter and milk. Bring the mixture to a boil and remove from heat. Serve with croutons.

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