Bansko soup cost 30 BGN and water

Soup in a VIP establishment in the largest ski resort of our country – Bansko, “hit” 30 BGN, signal users online. In a few hours, one post gathered more than 120 negative comments condemning the double standard of domestic and foreign resorts. A serious jump in prices is being prepared in Bansko

From the picture of the receipt of Bunderishka Polyana restaurant posted on the Internet, it is clear that customers paid 127 BGN for lasagna, “young veal” soup, 750 ml of mineral water and mulled white wine. It turns out that in Bulgarian resorts, lasagna is sold at BGN 39, a bottle of water at BGN 13 and a glass of mulled white wine at BGN 15, “At 3,000 meters in the Alps, a coffee costs BGN 1.30.”, schrudel is priced at BGN 5. Weird prices you can see it here

The locals explain this phenomenon as “the soup is made from Brazilian beef, and the wine is French from the 1964 harvest”. The proof of the customers’ surprise is that part of the bill – BGN 116 was paid in cash, and the rest BGN 11 – by card.

Other netizens note that similar high prices are seen not only in winter resorts, but also in villas in our country. “In the Yastrebets cottage, the car costs 8 BGN – the same price, converted to francs, is the car in Davos,” commented Evelina Citini under the publication. Borovets ski maps jumped dramatically, surpassing Bansko

Winter resorts are getting more and more expensive

Our winter resorts are generally expensive and while the prices are still favorable for foreigners, they are not affordable for most Bulgarians. Even basic goods are often inflated, and with current crazy electricity and gas prices, retailers and caterers have an excuse to raise even more. How much will a week in Borovets cost you?

In the restaurants under Todorka mountain, lunch and dinner are also “salty” for tourists. A reference to the menu of one of the sites reveals that in the first days after the official opening of the winter season, 300 grams of french fries cost BGN 11, and for extra cheese, tourists had to pay BGN 2 more.

Huge amounts of pork ribs for 600 grams – BGN 42, and a piece of chicken fillet with vegetable stew for BGN 22. According to the owners of restaurants and establishments, the speculation is due to the increase in the prices of electricity and natural gas, writes the Monitor newspaper.

We remind you that the jump in service costs and the new health regulations – working at 50% capacity until 22:00 – forced some restaurant owners to suspend their activities. “Estacles fail every day, and the losses are huge. Not only have we lost a large part of our customers. We have also lost a large part of our employees who went to work in places they don’t want. green certificates,” commented Emil Kolarov, president of the Bulgarian Restaurant Association, on the air of BNR. Do they want a green certificate in winter resorts?

However, similar trends can also be seen in the prices of tourist packages. “I booked 5 nights yesterday, it hurts my heart and I’m ashamed to say how much money it is. We will probably ski in Switzerland next winter,” complains Yana Ivanova, and another honest netizen advises her to move on. a skiing holiday in “another cheap destination” such as Austria, Italy or Switzerland.


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