Classic Menu with Ivo Kazasov in “The Cherry on the Cake” – Shows – Highlights – Cherry on the Cake – Selected

Catch tonight’s episode of the reality cooking show at 8pm on NOVA

“Akaga” trumpeter and singer Ivo Kazasov will kick off the cooking week on “The Cherry on the Cake” tonight at 8:00 PM on NOVA. Her guests will be the beloved Bulgarian singer Toni Dimitrova, actress Lyubomir Kovachev and models Kristina Mileva and Raina Karayaneva.

A table full of surprises with Ivo Tanev in “The Cherry on the Cake”.

A friendly host will choose small neighborhood stores with proven quality for their market. It will be his classic menu and will include tomato, cucumber and pepper salad, light snacks and zucchini soup. The main course will include neck steaks, and creme caramel for dessert.

World classic recipes and cooking experiments with Georgi Linev (Kan Wakan) in “The Cherry on the Cake”

What musical surprise has Ivo Kazasov prepared for the guests? Watch the “Icing on the Cake” episode tonight at 8:00 PM on NOVA.

You can find more interesting information about “Cherry Pie” on the show’s Facebook page.

All the episodes of the TV series can also be seen on NOVA PLAY after the broadcast.

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