Easter recipes – with small soups

There are many Easter recipes for lamb. But given how much its price has risen, we can do without it. It’s all a matter of choice. Here, for example, some people prefer the frivolities of the animal that goes on vacation. Soups with seasonal vegetables are excellent accompaniments.

However, one of the most popular Easter recipes is lamb or vegetable – with a twist. And for him all the products are cheaper. And if you buy a bunch from the butcher, you can also use a part of the liver for the liver.

Easter recipes – what do you need to make soup?

– 400 g of lamb carcass;
– some branches of lettuce or spinach;
– 1 onion;
– 1 bunch of fresh onions;
– 3 tablespoons of fresh chives;
– 50 g of oil;
– half a cup of rice;
– 2 egg yolks;
– 1 spoonful of flour;
– 3 tablespoons of lemon juice;
– black pepper and salt to taste.

How to make small soup?

It is important to clean and prepare the lamb well. This should be done in salt water. Discard the foam that collects and reserve the broth. After cooling, cut into small pieces.

Put a suitable pan on the fire and add the oil. Then throw in the onion to fry. Then you add lapada or spinach, followed by rice. Strain the broth and discard. If necessary, you can add a little warm water.

Season the soup with salt and red pepper to taste. You add Jodzhena. Finally, beat the egg yolks with fresh lemon juice and flour. You add a little soup to them. Everything is poured into the pot, boiled for a minute and then removed from the heat.

Try the recipe during the Easter holidays. Enjoy!

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