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Experts from Imperial College London have researched different types of soup and discovered something very strange about chicken soup.

According to new research, this dish is not only good for health, but it can also help fight one of the most dreaded diseases: malaria.

Chicken soup has long been known for its healing properties for colds and flu, but according to the team of scientists, it can have a positive effect in treating much more serious diseases.

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Studies have shown that the soup actually interrupts the life cycle of the most deadly parasites that cause malaria.

More than 60 soup recipes were tested, including vegetables, as well as beef and chicken, and scientists proved that they inhibited the development of the Plasmodium falciparum parasite, which causes 99% of malaria deaths and is transmitted through bites. an infected mosquito.

Scientists from Imperial College London carried out the research in an attempt to create a new malaria drug.

“Many traditional cultures prescribe hot soup for the treatment of flu, each describing the miraculous healing powers of the dish. (…) In fact, these soups have been proven to have antibiotic properties,” said a university spokesperson.

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