Even the pickiest family members will fall in love with this delicious cream of carrot soup

600 g of carrots

150 g potatoes

50 ml. milk

1 soup l beef butter

a little cumin

Potato cream soup with leeks and cream

Ingredients for the recipe: 1 kg. potatoes, peeled and cut into smaller pieces 4 tbsp. leeks, white and light green parts…

salt and pepper to taste

Recipe of the day: Zucchini soup cream

Method of preparation:

First, peel the carrots and potatoes and cut them into small cubes, put them in a pot, cover them well with water, put a spoonful. salt and bring to a boil, cook until soft.

Now pour in the water, add the butter and milk, a little more salt, if needed, and a little cumin, and then mash until pureed.

A healthy cake recipe that you can eat as often as you want

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If you have a food processor, after cooking the vegetables, you can put everything in and puree it in there.

A quick and tasty lunch solution: easy cream soup

If yours is too thick, you can add a little more milk or even water. And if you want to puree and make it thicker, add milk a little at a time until you think it’s the right consistency.


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