Gligi’s photo story: What soldiers eat at the front

Ivan Kalchev is known from the civil protests in our country and is a Bulgarian who voluntarily went to Ukraine, where he joined the foreign legion to protect himself from the Russian invasion. He is 32nd in the list of “Democratic Bulgaria” deputy candidates in 23 MIR-Sofia and 23rd in the list of 24 MIR-Sofia.

He reported today that he is 57 km inland in a territory occupied by Russia before 09.06.2022 (as of September 10). Gligi also showed what foreign legion fighters eat.

British MRE (meal ready to eat). Fusion cuisine, dry energy drinks, textiles, etc. The dishes would pass for good success in a Bulgarian restaurant.

Estonian MRE. Missing from the picture is “Pumbelnickel” black bread, which comes in a tin. The plates are a dry powder that can also be dissolved in cold water. You throw it in the bag, stir it and eat it in a few minutes.

Ukrainian reserve “sukhpai”.

New production Lately we’ve only been doing this kind of thing, we haven’t seen the British and Estonians for a long time.


… beans with beef. The English and the Ukrainians are right: beans are best eaten in the morning, not at dinner.


I don’t know if it was lunch or dinner.

the soup


Plain breadcrumbs are whole grain crackers.

Crackers are crackers. Blacks come a little stiff, whites better.

Stew is not just canned meat, it is a meat that Ukrainians and Poles love. It consists of veal, veal and veal. I haven’t checked what exactly “tunking” is, I think “tunking” is a mythical process. Westerners don’t like it – reviews range from “strange taste” to “disgusting”. It tastes amazing to me, just like bio-organic home preserves.

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