Grandma prepares lentils like this and we all like them at home

Lentils are one of our favorite legumes. Most of the time we are used to cooking it in soup or stew. However, it can be added to various salads or used to prepare the perfect meatballs for an appetizer.

However, today we are going to share with you Grandma’s lentil recipe because it is incredibly delicious and we are sure that if you prepare it at home and taste it, you will be left breathless.

Here are the products you need:

• lentils – 500 g;

• carrots – 2 pcs.;

• potatoes – 2 pcs.;

• tomato puree – 2 spoons;

• garlic – 5 cloves;

• salt;

• pepper;

• salt – 1 tbsp. fall;

• oil – 40 ml.

Method of preparation:

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Heat some oil in a frying pan and then add finely chopped onions and carrots. The vegetables are cooked under a lid until soft. Hot water is added to them.

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The next step is to add the potatoes. Wash beforehand and cut into medium cubes. Note that the smaller they are, the easier they will be to cook and slice. Add the lentils. The dish is cooked until all the products are completely ready.

The next step is to add the tomato puree to the feast. Do not forget to season with spices and finely chopped garlic.

We wish you a good appetite!

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