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In Germany, and in general in Western Europe, the New Year is not as popular as Christmas. However, the Germans prepare this celebration with great care, like all others: with a table and love for details. Some welcome the new year with friends, others at home with family.

Talismans on the table

After deciding how and with whom to celebrate, the most important question is: with what? But the New Year’s table must necessarily have dishes that attract happiness and luck.

To those who promise health, love, prosperity, etc. Kozuna and lentil soup are also taken as “table talismans”, as they predict that the coming year will be peaceful and trouble-free. Also: roast pork or fish, which is a symbol of fertility and a happy future. In both Bulgaria and Germany, fish scales in the bag are believed to bring special luck.

Salt, salted herring or soup

Those who know how to deal with a hangover after a big party can also be considered lucky. One of the tips to cool down after a lot of drinks is to eat salted fish in the morning. Does it really help? Yes, and herring, as well as pickles. But there is a better way – soup, which is often served on New Year’s Eve in Germany.

It’s really about the wonderful healing soup that warms, invigorates and soothes at the same time. This isn’t the world’s newest discovery, but those who try New Year’s soup are less likely to wake up with a headache, experts say. The most important thing is: there are no restrictions on the ingredients of the soup, everyone can choose them. But there are undoubtedly favourites. Here are some of them:

Fortifying meat soup

This elixir for party night drinkers is made with mince or minced meat, and maybe sausage. Finely chopped peppers, corn kernels, beans, tomato puree or canned tomatoes, a little broth or water are added to the meat – the soup should be thick. It is cooked for several hours under a lid on low heat, then seasoned with salt and hot pepper. Finally, it can be refined with a spoonful of cognac, and it should already be served at the table with cream and toasted slices.

Soothing eggplant soup

Finely chopped eggplant and two cloves of garlic are fried, tomato puree and half a glass of red wine are added, then cooked under the lid for half an hour.

Vegetable soup works great, but needs to be consumed beforehand

Then meatballs are made with minced meat, an egg, two spoons of semolina, rosemary, thyme and marjoram. They are dropped into the boiling soup and left there for five minutes. Finally, the soup is seasoned with salt and pepper and served with black bread and hot sauce.

Energizing Beetroot Soup

To do this, beets, carrots, potatoes and onions must be cut into cubes and fried in oil. The vegetables are then poured with stock or water, and after boiling, crushed bay leaf, bay leaf, crushed nutmeg and turmeric are added.

The soup is cooked for about an hour, then pureed and seasoned with salt and pepper. And he’ll like a spoonful of cream.

Of course, hangover soup can be prepared in advance, as well as everything that decorates the New Year’s table. In this situation, the old year can be sent calmly and without unnecessary stress.

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