I recommend raising the price!


Recently, we told you about the BGN 30 soup that you can order in a restaurant in Bansko.

We don’t know if folk psychology is messed up, if it’s madness, or something else. News about the price of the soup sparked heated debate online. We publish the comment of Bobi Angelov, who expressed his opinion on Facebook:

All week it was written that 30 BGN was Bansko soup and 40 BGN lasagna in the same establishment. It’s about the VIP Lounge at Banderishka Polyana.

The problem is not that the soup is 30 BGN, but that there are idiots who go there to eat such soup for 30 BGN. To take pictures, to notice on social media that they are in this particular establishment – the VIP room… A week ago I went in there for ten minutes to see the bartender from my hometown and they explained it to me in full. the establishment was booked. There are only seats left in the bar. And I realized how complex we are as a people. Not 30, but 130 BGN for soup, it will still be full. And the one who eats the soup is not crazy, but the one who gives it to him.

While Bill Gates is tame and uncared for donuts in Seattle with a fortune of $120,000,000,000, our fictional characters are killing complexes with 30 BGN soup at Bunderishka Polyana. Well, I totally agree with the soup being 30 BGN, I would also recommend raising it to 100. Not for anything else, but the players count whole numbers more easily…And, if Aleko were alive, he would write “Bansko”. and back”.. Well, to show that Gagno will always be in the Balkans…

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