Is it good to eat soup before bed?

There are soups that are healthy and not recommended for eating late at night.

Dinner is a very important meal, no more important than breakfast and lunch. Choosing the right foods for dinner is important – it’s good to have a full and healthy last meal of the day.

Before going to bed, we often crave something delicious and sweet. However, chocolate, chips or pastries are not recommended, at least not at night. Bananas, oranges, almonds, oats, fresh fruit and yogurt are the most useful for late night snacks before bed.

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However, if you don’t want to eat something different, salty, filling, there is only one suitable option – soup.

A warm broth or soup consumed before bed is a great choice for a late meal before bed. No matter what the season is, warm soup always helps to relax the nervous system, thus lulling the body to sleep. It also promotes feelings of relaxation and comfort. Some soups are perfect for snacking at this time. Such are, for example, chicken soup, broths and vegetable cream soups.

Yes, not all soups would be good for you if you choose them for a late night meal.

What are the soups to eat late at night and which are better to avoid?

Research and observation have shown that some soups are significantly easier to digest than others. Those high in fiber, fatty meats, or legumes may not be as helpful before bed. Because consuming these takes more time for digestion and can make you feel bloated and heavy, gassy, ​​disrupt your sleep and even cause heartburn.

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And what soup to choose then?

The most digestible ones are the best to consume in the evening before going to bed. These include broth-based soups, as well as cream soups made with light vegetables, such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes or carrots. It is important not to have noodles, potatoes, noodles, rice, because these products contain a lot of carbohydrates and therefore can have a negative effect on digestion late in the evening.

If you consume soup before going to bed, do not allow it to contain a large amount of salt. It can cause water retention and excessive thirst at night, while keeping you awake most of the time you should be asleep.

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