Italian chefs prepare dishes with Bulgarian pink tomatoes

At the Pink Tomato Festival, you’ll learn recipes from world-famous cuisines and even try pink tomato cheesecake.

Can you imagine an Italian chef preparing his specialties with Bulgarian tomatoes? Of course! Italians also know that there is nothing richer in flavor, juiciness and sweetness than our rose varieties.

And can you imagine seeing how these specialties are prepared? Of course it is possible! You just have to visit Pink Tomato Festival In the Prince’s Garden of Sofia, September 3, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There, Italian and Mediterranean culinary expert, chef Giovanni Baldantoni, together with his hometown colleague Uti Bachvarov, will show what the two luminaries are capable of doing in the kitchen at their best when they have wonderful pink tomatoes.

In the cookery demonstration, Uti will prepare traditional contemporary recipes using Bulgarian agricultural products, including pink tomatoes, green beans and aubergines. For an hour and a half, the colorful host will show Festival guests his interpretation of a great Balkan salad, monastery green beans and paprika casserole. Go somewhere to see and taste how traditional Bulgarian dishes are prepared, of course.

It is unlikely that you will have another opportunity to enjoy directly the demonstration of two Italian chefs – Chef Giovanni Baldantoni and Chef Enza Barbaro, who will use Bulgarian tomatoes to prepare cimina according to an Italian recipe. Both are exceptional professionals and are world-renowned for their Mediterranean cuisine. At the Pink Tomato Festival, they will showcase tried-and-tested cooking skills for preserving fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, as well as a zero-waste cooking method, turning leftovers into a delicious spicy sauce.

And that is far from all. In the spirit of Bulgarian traditions, Baba Residence’s Yana Ivanova will teach you how to make a variety of authentic Bulgarian dishes that have been passed down through the generations in some of the most picturesque villages in northwestern Bulgaria. During the festival, Turla will show the guests old recipes for salty Kosachko: cold summer soup and a different variation of white muzh with new sheep cheese.

All in all, if you have the chance to visit the Festival, go hungry, because the menu prepared by the organizers of METRO Bulgaria and their culinary experts is amazing and everything will be prepared with real agricultural products. Roasted capelin with tomato sauce, summer manja with sheep’s cheese and bread, homemade skrezhina with pink tomatoes, the chefs of Liani, CAI and Crazy Diamond restaurants will present a modern interpretation of traditional Bulgarian cuisine, and for lovers of sweets. temptations, Chef Velev and Chef Doikov from the METRO Academy will prepare a pink tomato cheesecake.

Especially for METRO Bulgaria “24 hours” readers, they also share the menus of the restaurants that will be waiting for you. Pink Tomato Festival.

  1. METRO Academy:
  • Salads/starters: pink tomato with cow cheese; Bean salad with Smilyan beans and Reselesh onions.
  • Main: carnacetta and grilled meatballs (his production from the display case of the refrigerator).
  • Dessert: cream cheese with pink tomato jam.

2. CAI (Culinary Art Institute):

  • Main: Crispy open sandwich with tomato sauce, fresh salt and roasted tomato butter.
  • Dessert: pink tomato mousse, basil and tomato cone with caramelized butter in a waffle cone.

3. Lianas:

  • Baked capelin with tomato sauce.
  • Stuffed pink tomatoes with Bulgarian cheese.
  • Broil over low heat.

4. Crazy Diamond

  • Hummus with carrots, turmeric and fennel.
  • Homemade pie with roasted red pepper, walnuts and tomato foam.
  • Local summer dish with goat cheese.
  • Pink tomato cake.
  • Homemade fig lemonade.

You will have the opportunity to buy traditional Bulgarian products personally from the producers, such as different varieties of pink tomatoes, kurtovska capia, eggplants, dairy products and much more, with which you can cook something new, fresh and very tasty. family! Something you can only learn Pink Tomato Festival!

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