Lapad and sorrel spring soup recipe

March 29, 2022Tuesday, at 21:00.


It is suitable for all kitchen beginners

After the long and gray winter, it’s time to refresh the menu. Steaks, as tasty as they are, give way to delicious porridges and soups. Sorrel and radish soup is for today’s “green food” lovers in spring. Quick and easy, this sorrel cream soup is perfect for any kitchen novice.

Products needed:

sorrel – 300 grams

Lapad – 20 leaves

fresh onion – 1 link

potatoes – 2 pieces

beef butter – 50 grams

fresh milk – 1 cup of tea

Method of preparation:

The oil is heated in the pot where you will prepare the soup, the finely chopped onion is thrown in and stewed until soft. Add water/broth and coarsely chopped potatoes. After the potatoes are cooked, add the coarsely chopped sorrel and lepad, pre-washed and cleaned from the stems.

You salt the soup and cook it until the keselece and lapad are soft, then puree all the vegetables in a food processor/blender until you get a smooth mixture. Finally, add the milk and return to the heat until the soup boils.

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