My grandmother told me how to thicken the soup so that it turned out divinely delicious

Our grandmothers have a lot of experience in cooking, and from them we manage to learn quite a few nuances and peculiarities related to the preparation of dishes.

Today we will share with you how you can easily thicken the soup and the end result is incredibly delicious to please your whole family.

Here are the tricks we promised you:

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• Make a building;

When we add seasonings to the soup, it not only becomes tastier, but also thicker and denser. For this, you need to use an egg and a few drops of lemon juice. Remove the soup stock and add to the egg and lemon juice mixture. However, you have to stir it constantly to prevent it from curdling. Then you return the whole mixture to the pot with the soup.

There is also another type of construction, which is made with yogurt, eggs and a little flour. It’s up to you which recipe to choose.

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• Add starch;

This is how you prepare the perfect base for boiled soup

Many of the soups that we like to eat as bulgaroos need to be developed in order to be completely finished in terms of taste and consistency…

Another trick that good housewives have been using for a long time. Take 1-2 tbsp. starch and dissolve in a little warm water. It is then added to the soup itself. Starch can also be replaced with flour.

In this case, you have to mix very well to dissolve the starch or flour very well and to avoid lumps.

• Add potato.

This is the last trick you can apply. If the soup is too thin and not to your liking, add more potatoes or carrots. Cook them separately, puree them and add them to the party in the pot.

Try any of these tricks and we’re sure you’ll be amazed, and you’ll end up with a delicious, divine soup to serve your family with gusto!

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