Never run the washing machine in this way, you will damage it

If you run the washing machine at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, it becomes a real breeding ground for bacteria and you can get sick, warn British specialists quoted by “Daily Mail”.

Today’s lower washing temperatures and the use of milder detergents than in our grandmothers’ days give the laundry room a false sense of cleanliness. Bacteria are not destroyed at all, on the contrary: they find an excellent living environment at 30 degrees and turn the contents of the washing machine into a “bacterial soup”.

Everyone knows how to make popcorn. Especially for the younger generation, the only known method is the microwave oven. Put them on and you’re done…

For this reason, hygiene expert Dr. Lisa Ackerley recommends that at least once a month this appliance should be run without cleaning in a 90 degree water heating program to destroy accumulated microorganisms. Ackerley recommends washing intimate underwear, bed linen and socks separately from face and meal towels. Studies have found that 0.1 gram of fecal mass remains even on linen washed with light programs at low temperatures. And this corresponds to 10,000 microorganisms. If you do wash in the above ways, always wash your hands thoroughly after removing the wet clothes from the drum, advises Ackerley.

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