Nutrition according to the lunar calendar – Monday – September 5, 2022

On different lunar days, some foods are better digested, and others are better to give up. The lunar food horoscope will tell you how you eat best.

On the 9th lunar day, which lasts until 16:54, it is better not to overload the body with food that is difficult to digest. It must be thin. A good day to fast and fast.

On the 10th lunar day starting at 10:54 AM, you can eat whatever your body and soul desires. It is not the right diet. Starvation is not recommended – it can cause great harm to the body. You can eat meat.


Products: 2 onions, 4 spoons of vegetable oil, 5-6 red tomatoes, 4-5 peppers, 2 eggs, salt to taste.

Preparation: The onion is finely chopped and stewed in fat together with the tomato, in a coarse grater. They are poured with hot salted water and cooked.

Add the peppers, previously roasted, cleaned of seeds and skins and cut into pieces. Then the soup is cooked for another 15-20 minutes.

It is seasoned and served with scrambled eggs – warm in winter and almost cold in summer.


Products: beef 0.5 kg, vegetable oil 1/2 cup, yogurt 1/2 cup, red pepper 1 teaspoon, pepper 5-6 cloves, garlic, black pepper and salt to taste.

Preparation: The meat is finely chopped and cooked in a small amount of water with spices. Eggplants are cut into slices and fried in fat. Rice is cooked in salted water.

Eggplants, meat, rice and eggplants again are placed in a pot, and fat has been poured into the bottom of it. The dish is poured with meat broth and cooked over low heat until the fat is gone. Sprinkle with black pepper and serve with garlic yogurt.

Useful tips: eggplants with a long shape and a purple color are the tastiest. To avoid cracking, they are skewered before baking.

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