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Experience the cooking reality episode Friday night at 8:00 PM on NOVA

Actor Stanimir Gamov will show his artistic spirit and love for Bulgarian dishes tonight at 20:00 on NOVA show “The Cherry on the Cake”. His guests Anna-Maria Cherneva, Petya Raeva, Geri Doncheva and Atanas Lazarov will be ready for any surprise, but they will be unprepared for some “tough” challenges from the host, and they will not be missing.

Raw potatoes made by Anna-Maria Cherneva in “The Cherry on the Cake”.

Stanimir Gamov will also show his sense of humor in the kitchen, for which he will be assisted by the famous culinary assistant August Popov, who will meet the stars in his restaurant. There will be no shortage of mistakes in the kitchen, but traumatic events will be avoided, and each mistake will become the reason for an effect and a joke.

Nasko Lazarov’s “Uha” soup in “La Cherry on the Cake”.

The host will put his guests’ taste buds to the test with a 5-course menu, including “Otto von Bismarck” soup, mamaliga and a popular Bulgarian dessert, to which brandy is added. The last evening of cooking week will be full of jokes, banter, unusual gifts for everyone at the table and spontaneous good humor.

What can the Manchev leader learn from Stanimir Gamov and August Popov? And who will win the title of “Best Host” in “Icing on the Cake”? Be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm on NOVA.

You can find more interesting information about “Cherry Pie” on the show’s Facebook page.

All the episodes of the TV series can also be seen on NOVA PLAY after the broadcast.

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