Salmorejo Cordobes and how to prepare this cold Spanish summer soup

We are in the middle of summer, and with the heat we feel less and less to spend time around the stove and oven. Not to mention that apart from the brutal heat while cooking, we generally feel less and less inclined to eat any of the standard manji that we love.

However, as soup lovers, we cannot refuse them. Fortunately, we have several options for cold soups, which we enjoy preparing and consuming in the summer. Tarator aside, our favorites are two simple and easy Spanish summer dishes – gazpacho and salmorejo.

Let’s face it, we’re bigger fans salmorejo cordobes, although it is not so well known, it is a real delight for the senses. That’s why we decided to share the recipe we prepare.

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Salmorejo Cordobes shares fame with Andalusian gazpacho, being one of the most popular traditional Spanish recipes in summer. They are light, tasty and easy to prepare, essential in Spanish cuisine. They are also very nutritious and economical.

Salmorejo has some similarities with gazpacho, but it differs from it, apart from the preparation process and the different ingredients, because of its texture, which is closer to a cream than a soup. Of course, both are served and eaten cold.

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Although there are many ways to prepare this cold soup from Córdoba, the traditional recipe has only one. tomato, bread, extra virgin olive oil, salt and garlic.

Here are the ingredients for six servings:

  • 1 kg of tomatoes, preferably well ripe
  • 200 g of bread, preferably fresh
  • 150 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Salt to taste

How to make traditional Salmorejo Cordobes

To make the perfect salmorejo, we like to mix the ingredients step by step. This way we get the perfect texture. We start by washing the tomatoes, removing the greens from the stems and crushing them. It is not necessary to peel or remove the seeds, because we can pass the tomatoes through a fine sieve after pureeing them. However, if it’s easier for us, we can peel them beforehand.

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Put the bread in a bowl and pour the tomato puree over it, leaving it to soak for about ten minutes. Then we add the clove of garlic and beat well with a blender until we get a thick bread and tomato cream. The ratio of bread we use is very good for this texture, but you can change it according to the amount of water in the tomatoes. And according to our taste, of course. The same goes for the garlic, but we recommend not using too much, so that you can enjoy the flavor of the tomatoes together with the olive oil.

We go on to add the olive oil. It is very important that it is of good quality and sufficiently aromatic to obtain a perfect emulsion and a creamy and thick result.

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After covering with olive oil, we mix everything again in the food processor or with a blender until our salmorejo is uniform, with a nice and dense orange-red color skin to include the traditional decorations with which each part is decorated. .

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In Spain, cold soup is served with sliced ​​ham (jamon) and sliced ​​or grated boiled egg. We guarantee an incredibly delicious end result.

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