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Experience the cooking reality episode on Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. on NOVA.

Atanas Lazarov is known as a PR star, but few know his attitude towards Russia. Tonight, he will immerse Stanimir Gamov, Geri Doncheva, Petya Raeva and Anna-Maria Cherneva in a romance of flavors and an atmosphere that will captivate them: behind everything he will prepare, his attitude to life will shine.

Homemade bread and fig brandy with Petya Raeva in “The Cherry on the Cake”.

The reception will be at her friends’ beautiful home, and the shopping will be through a Russian specialty store. Nasko will really try his hand in the kitchen and some of the things he will prepare are the classic Russian salad, “Uha” soup with salmon and pelmeni.

An extraordinary dinner in Venice with Geri Doncheva in “Icing on the Cake”.

Will the guests like the Russian atmosphere and the musical surprise of the host Nasko Lazarov? Watch tonight’s episode of the cooking reality show at 8pm on NOVA.

You can find more interesting information about “Cherry Pie” on the show’s Facebook page.

All episodes of the TV series can also be watched on NOVA PLAY after the broadcast.

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