The more you eat, the healthier you will be

Mushrooms are one of those foods that divide people into two groups: either they love them, or they can’t look at them without feeling sick. We in the first group are lucky that it is so easy for us to enjoy one of the most useful foods. As for the second group, they don’t know how much they are losing. Maria Lebedeva and Kristina Plotnikova are nutritionists at the RZD-Medicine clinic and tell us about the many beneficial properties of mushrooms.

Very useful and tasty mushroom soup

There are many delicious dishes that can be prepared with mushrooms. This food provides our body with valuable nutrients such as vitamin D…

They share that mushrooms greatly enrich the diet with their nutrients, such as vitamin D, which greatly affects the absorption of calcium and healthy bones, and vitamin B helps maintain energy.

According to Lebedeva, mushrooms are full of prebiotics that strengthen immunity and stimulate the production of very useful microflora in the intestines, in addition to improving digestion and having a significant effect on heart health.

Plotnikova says they have almost no calories, but they keep you satisfied for a very long time. They are rich in copper and zinc, which block sugar cravings. They are also high in anti-aging antioxidants.

How to freeze fresh, cooked and fried mushrooms?

Foods that poison the liver

Diseases of the liver and gallbladder are common. Some of the causes of these diseases are environmental problems, drugs…

Thanks to the fiber they contain, they lower cholesterol, which also regulates sugar levels.

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