The most delicious vegetable soup

This recipe will help you prepare a very healthy homemade vegetable soup with completely affordable ingredients. The soup has a rich and rich taste, although it is prepared with very simple ingredients that should be in every household.

It is also very suitable for children who frown at the sight of vegetables and avoid eating them. Improvisation is also completely possible – just remove a product from the proposed ones or add to your taste.

Products needed for preparation:

100 grams of onion; 250 grams of potatoes; 2 carrots; 1 red pepper; 1 green pepper; 100 grams of tomatoes (can also be canned); 30 ml of oil; 1 egg; 40 grams of flour; 400 grams of yogurt; salt to taste; noodles; 2 liters of water; 30 grams of beef butter; parsley

Preparation instructions:

– Peel the onion and try to cut it as finely as possible. Grate a carrot and red pepper on a large grater. Put the three vegetables in a pot with oil and a spoonful of salt. Steam them at moderate temperature for 3-4 minutes.

– Also peel the potatoes, wash them well and cut them into small pieces. Slice the second carrot and green pepper as well. Cook for 5 minutes on low heat and add finely chopped tomato and noodles. Bring the produce to a slow simmer ready to eat.

– While the vegetable soup is boiling, you have to prepare the construction. Always use room temperature products for this. That way you won’t risk breaking the egg and it warms up faster. Mix the yogurt well with the flour and egg. There should be no lumps. Gradually add a portion of the hot soup to the mixture, stirring constantly. When the broth is hot enough, start turning the broth into the soup. Then bring the soup to a boil and remove from heat.

– If you want, you can also add the lump of cow’s butter that is given to the recipe. Wait 5-10 minutes for the soup to cool and season with finely chopped fresh parsley.

Vegetable soup can be pureed to serve to children, who often look down on such soups. You can also add cubes of toasted bread and we guarantee that the kids will enjoy this broth.

Everyone, bon appetit!

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