The most interesting farmers markets in the world

For years, outstanding farmers’ markets around the world have attracted fans of quality food from local producers. Specific markets have long become a place to communicate and share different ideas and lifestyles.

In fact, markets have been part of civilization for thousands and thousands of years. There is archaeological evidence that Pompeii’s provision market was at the heart of the city, where locals offered meat, bread and exotic crops. Farmers’ markets have been gaining momentum in our country in recent years.

St. Lawrence market

St. Lawrence Market is located in Toronto, Canada. It dates back to 1803 and has remained unchanged in appearance to this day, and has not changed its location. In the morning, the city’s best chefs visit and buy products for their restaurants. For an extra fee, a chef can be hired to help everyone while they shop. His job is to give valuable advice and define the exact steps to choose the best products.

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St. Lawrence Market specializes in organic vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat, game and more. Fish, homemade cakes and freshly baked bread can be found, and restaurants and cafes cater to anyone who wants to eat and drink. The Buskerfest music festival is held here.


Tsukiji is located in the city of Tokyo, Japan. It has been operating for almost a century – since 1935. Until now, it is the largest fish market in the world. About 3 tons of products are sold in a single day, and there are more than 450 species of fish and shellfish. People can choose seaweed and clams from giant tuna and expensive caviar – white, red and black. Everyone can enjoy sashimi and hot sake.

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Tuna auctions are held regularly. Tourists are not allowed to attend. The market opens at 3:00 a.m. most of the time, with the arrival of products shipped by ship, truck, and plane from all over the world. The unloading of tons of frozen tuna is especially impressive. Auction houses assess the value of the delivered goods and prepare them for auction. Buyers (who are allowed to participate in auctions) also inspect and evaluate the goods, choosing which fish to bid on and at what price.

The market is busiest from 05:30 to 08:00, after which the trade decreases significantly. Most shops close at 11:00, and the entire market closes for cleaning at 1:00 p.m. Tourists can visit every day from 5 to 6:15 and can see the works from specially designed observation decks.

Borough Market

Borough Market is located in London, United Kingdom. The first records of its existence date back to 1276, although trade here began 250 years earlier. In the middle of the century the market moved to its new buildings. They can find meat, fish, cheese, bread, apples, honey and jams from all over the country, as well as Spanish salami, French cheeses, Portuguese dates. Shops come from all over the UK to trade and traditional European products are also imported and sold.

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Fish soup and apple cider are Borough Market’s bestsellers. Among the local products, it is recommended to try the burger with antelope and even kangaroo meat. Despite the abundance of food products, some come for the atmosphere and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of gastronomy rather than shopping. Borough Market and the surrounding streets have been used as filming locations for films including Bridget Jones’s Diary, Two Smoking Barrels and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004). The reason is that the market can be rented for private events.

Mercado Central

Mercado Central is located in Santiago, Chile. For its people, it is the center of all life in the country. There is live music all the time, as well as restaurants and cafes that offer wonderful food. There you can buy everything from fresh fish and seafood, fruit, vegetables and local artisan products.

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Mercado Central was built in 1868 in the British style and was originally intended to be an exhibition center.

Union Square Greenmarket

Union Square Greenmarket is located in New York, USA. It is quite new: XX. It was discovered in the 70s of the century. It is becoming one of the busiest places in Manhattan. During the harvest season, 140 local farmers, fishermen and bakers work here.

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On weekends, the atmosphere is electrified. Farmers have to communicate with 60,000 buyers. The market offers a wide selection of organically grown American produce. In addition, there are cooking courses, lessons on organic farming, master classes for children on growing farm crops. Works by New York artists are presented and sold.

In addition to seasonal vegetables and fruits from local farms, you can buy coffee, freshly baked pasta, fish and meat. For your convenience, a complete list of the farmers trading on the day and the products they offer is published daily on the market’s website.

La Boqueria

La Boqueria is located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. What you will see and taste will take you to an incredible gourmet galaxy. The market was established in the 12th-13th century, and at first only pork was sold. La Boqueria has been reorganized several times and moved to the borders of Boulevard Rambles. It has been in its current form since 1853. It has been described as one of the best open air markets in the world.

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From there you can get fruits from all continents, meat, chicken, sausages, ham, smoked meats, cheeses, wine, live fish, seafood, bread, sweets, olives and butter. It is an interesting fact that most of the traders are descendants of the first farmers of the market. The fourth generation has been working here. In fact, at La Boqueria, you have no chance of surviving if your stand is not a work of art that literally crushes perceptions in the first moment. Thus, the market has become a tourist attraction, which is why the prices are slightly higher compared to others. But if you’re looking for a special spice from a far corner of the world, you’re sure to find it.

Another interesting fact is that many good restaurants in Barcelona also buy products from La Boqueria. The delivery is timely and fast, without increasing the final prices. The secret lies in the use of transport from the producers of the goods, as well as the cheap labor of illegal immigrants, who are ready to quickly and accurately take the boxes of products ordered to any part of the city during a 14-hour working day. .

Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the largest and oldest markets in the city. It is located in the Emignon district and has the glory of being one of the most famous shopping centers after the Grand Bazaar. The spice market was built in 1660 to help finance the construction of the new mosque next door, with the income from hiring vendors going towards its upkeep.

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Today the market is a whirlwind of aromas and colors, piles of spices stacked in front of dozens of shops and their fresh stalls. In recent years, however, another type of shop has appeared, where you can find souvenirs, nuts, tea, sweets and baklava and Turkish sweets, bee products and aphrodisiac delicacies. There are dozens of shops selling fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish. However, the mystical and exotic aromas of various spices, such as cumin, mint, cinnamon and dozens of other herbs, give way to a unique atmosphere.

Campo de’ Fiori

Campo de Fiori is located in Rome, Italy. Today it is the city’s most popular market, a bustling place where visitors can find an abundance of flowers, fruits and vegetables. But in the early 1600s this square was used for… shootings. Giordano Bruno was burned here by the inquisition. He was accused of heresy because the stars were distant suns around which the planets and their moons revolved.

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The market has been operating since 1869. Locals and tourists can choose from a wide range of restaurants, wine bars and pubs. They can have their morning coffee in Campo de Fiori or an afternoon aperitif, as after the working day the square becomes the center of nightlife.

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