The poisoned students of the Plovdiv Sports School ate an omelette and boiled soup

After eating, they threw up 6 times, according to the victim’s classmates

The students of the Plovdiv Sports School ate an omelette and boiled soup, and 12 of them were poisoned to the Infectious Diseases Clinic, “24 Chasak” learned.

“Eggs are dangerous, especially in warm weather,” said the Regional Food Safety Agency. The local inspectors have not yet returned from the school, as they are carrying out a full inspection of the food products in the canteen, as well as in the surrounding establishments.

A doctor from the Infectious Diseases Clinic explained to Nova TV that the children undergoing treatment ate kebabs and pork with cabbage. According to him, no one is in serious condition.

“My friend Bozhidar vomited 6 times after eating in the canteen,” said 11-year-old Ivaylo Tsonchev, a student at the Sports School, who did not eat anything in the school chair and says he is completely healthy.

Tsonchev and his classmate Borislav Baramski described how their peers suddenly fell ill after consuming it.

“All measures have been taken. There are 650 children studying in our school. Only 50 of them have symptoms of food poisoning. Those in the Infectious Diseases Clinic are dormitories,” explained director Ruzhka Genova.

RZI made a report on the case and sent it to the Ministry of Health.

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