The secrets of delicious chicken soup are now revealed

They say that soup as a dish is as old as cooking itself. Its true beginning, or at least the story of the first person who dared to brew this divine elixir, remains completely obscure, but Beginning in the Bronze Age, cavemen are reported to have mastered the subtle art of sweet taste.. Some fresh vegetables, selected game meat and a little boiling water were enough for our ancestors to prepare a delicious and vitamin-rich meal.

But as every country has its own successful soup tradition, we Bulgarians are not far behind and we are boldly asserting it to the worldAsha Chicken Soup with Salted Yogurt is one of the most loved and favorite dishes, surprised not only by our taste, but also by all foreign visitors to our hometown. Whether we are enjoying it when we are feeling it or just visiting our dear grandma, it doesn’t matter because that taste of homemade chicken soup always captivates our taste buds.

But how to cook a hungry chicken soup with salt dough? What are his cooking secrets? When should we add yogurt to the delicious broth? These are questions that most of us are already familiar with, but as the old saying goes, additional knowledge should always be welcomed and never considered a burden.

Cooking techniques for making a delicious and filling chicken soup Lidl shares another video from its YouTube series “Taste in Four Seasons”.. In the video, Chef Manchev prepares homemade salted chicken soup, showing the sequential steps that lead to its remarkable finish. It’s fresh whole chicken, onion, carrot, celery, parsley, fresh garlic, noodles, eggs, flour, beef butter and, of course, yogurt.

The first thing we need to do is prepare the chicken for the upcoming delicious dish – we wash it, cut it into pieces, put it in a pot with water and salt. In this way, we will start with the most important ingredient in the preparation of chicken soup, namely its stock. After the meat is well cooked in the steel pot, we start cutting the carrots and celery and at this stage we have to use their skins to add to the broth that is already being prepared. In them, in fact, the secret of the incredible taste is hidden, which reminds one of a delicious chicken soup.

And what are the important next steps and why we need to skim the stock well for a memorable chicken soup, you can find out by watching the whole video From the series “Taste in four seasons” or read the full recipe at on Lidl’s YouTube channel the series reveals the secrets of seasonal food. Ivan Manchev and Tanyo Shishkov explore the diversity of seasonal produce, sharing trivia and information about them and presenting different seasonal recipes.


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