There are 5 dishes that every Bulgarian woman should know how to cook

A man is what his mothers and grandmothers taught him. We are our traditions. Therefore, we must know them and pass them on from generation to generation, so that they live forever.

One of the most important things is that every Bulgarian should be able to prepare those traditional dishes that have been served on our tables since ancient times.

Today we are going to share with you what are the 5 dishes that we have to prepare.

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There they are:


Cake is something we should all make. It is enough that we welcome each new year with him.

Meatball soup

Ball soup is one of the most popular soups. It is mostly prepared and eaten during the winter months. There are some nuances and peculiarities that you should master if you want to be considered a master of this dish.

Stuffed peppers

This dish is incredibly delicious, knowing what spices to add to the filling. Peppers with minced meat and rice are the tastiest. Few can resist them.

When to put salt in any dish - not every housewife knows the answer to this question

Salt is always in a prominent place in the kitchen and on our table, even though it is considered unhealthy. Most housewives add to their dishes…


Mouska is another dish that every Bulgarian should know how to cook. There are many recipes, you have to decide which ones to follow.


To prepare the perfect bean dish, you need to know spices very well.

These are the 5 dishes that every Bulgarian housewife should know how to cook!

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