This is how the most delicious croutons are made

Making croutons is not complicated at all. If you want to add it to creamy soups or salads, it’s better to make it at home instead of buying it ready-made at the store.

We will share with you how in a few simple steps you can have crispy and perfectly seasoned bread cubes.

How to easily make croutons at home?

You can make croutons with any type of bread, whether it’s white, whole wheat or otherwise. The only condition is that it is not covered with mold.

Bean and crouton salad

Slices of bread are cut into small squares, placed on a tray, after being covered with baking paper. They are then drizzled with olive oil or oil. If you follow some kind of diet, you can skip the fats.

To make it crispy, the oven must be preheated. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve such a final result.

Five minutes after entering the pan, turn off the oven and continue to keep the croutons inside until they cool.

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As for the spices themselves, you can flavor the bread cubes to your liking, depending on how you decide on the topping.

It is recommended not to omit salt, red pepper and a little garlic powder. Garlic greatly improves the taste of croutons.

Of course, you can experiment with many other spices, a matter of taste.

Hurry up and prepare homemade croutons to decorate aromatic soups, salads or just eat them while watching your favorite movie!

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