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Meatballs, soups, salads, beef and other products with the brands “Gozba” and “Top Top” are disappearing fast

July 01, 2022Friday, at 09:00.

Author: Flagman, Bg

Providing three healthy meals a day for the whole family is now very easy and affordable

Warm cream soup, fresh salad and salmon meatballs – isn’t this a dream meal that will not only be incredibly tasty, but also fill us with vitamins and energy for the whole day?

Preparing a 3-course menu for every meal is a challenge, especially when we have different dietary preferences at home, and it becomes a real nightmare during the summer holidays.

That is why the big hypermarkets of the sea – “ZHANET” and “METRO” turned to the professionals of “Gozba” and “Top Top” for help, a few months ago they launched a unique concept of high-quality ready-made food for Bulgaria. – a kitchen without a chef. The dishes immediately attracted the attention of those who were hungry for tasty, quality and fast food.

Flagman.bg was the first to announce an innovative and different way to access delicious and favorite dishes 24 hours a day.

Customers quickly learned where both brands’ foods were located, offering the taste of restaurants at an affordable price in the store. The soups, salads and main dishes in the chilled products areas are of the greatest interest, as they have a shelf life of 20 days.

There is also a lot of cooked food in the freezers, and it is easy and quick to direct it to the tables. It is first defrosted and then heated on the stove or in the microwave for a few minutes, the result is always perfect.

The range of dishes prepared only with selected products surpasses the menu of any restaurant. Designed to serve different market segments, soups, salads and side dishes are available in 350g consumer cuts and 1, 2, 3 and 5 kilogram bulk packs.

The concept is more than successful, as it solves several problems at the same time.

“The lack of staff in restaurants and hotels puts the industry to the test during the summer season. This is often the reason why some sites do not open their doors. With professionally prepared food, packaged in a protected atmosphere, according to the highest standards of “Gozba” and “Top Top”, we offer an alternative to homes and companies,” said the Nessebar hypermarket.

Restaurants and hotels on the sea may not maintain their own kitchens at all, because this food is prepared according to the highest standards of “Feast” and “Top Top”, it is an alternative, both for homes and companies.

At the moment, 1 kilogram of nettle soup has a price of BGN 5.50, and a consumer cut costs BGN 1.70.

From “Taste” to suit all tastes – the offerings range from the traditional, such as tripe soup, boiled beef and the seasonal bestseller, fish soup, to Asian gourmet delights: Tom Yam and Hot-sweet soup, cream. soup with salmon and many others. (See all offers HERE).

And expect a lot from “Top Top”, because the variety is great. Among the specialties are the best-selling sushi known to many: “Top Top Set”, “Salmon Set”, “Philadelphia Set”. In addition, the “Top Top” masters also offer other popular foods: noodles, fish meatballs, salads, edamame, main dishes with chicken, beef, fish and many others. (See all about me HERE).

Each serving contains only quality ingredients, with guaranteed provenance, prepared to a standard where you can only expect the best on your plate.

Preparing food is very easy, just 3 steps.

If you chose to cook the soup in the microwave: first, choose a suitable container, put the envelope in it, and then heat it on medium power until the contents are thawed. The final step is to transfer the thawed soup to the bowl, stir and heat to your preferred temperature.

If you chose the stove: First, put the envelope in a suitable container and fill it with water, heat it to a medium temperature. After defrosting the contents of the bag, pour off the water and transfer to the soup bowl. Now you can heat the soup to your favorite temperature, remember to stir well. Then all you have to do is enjoy the fascinating taste.

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