What should we never put in the blender?

A blender is a wonderful and convenient tool that can work wonders in the kitchen. The blender is multi-functional, but while it may seem like you can put anything in it, including ice cubes, there are some things you’d better not put in it. There are reasons for this. You’d rather damage it than extend its life and enjoy it longer.

Mashed potatoes

You probably think that a blender is perfect for making mashed potatoes. Actually, it’s not. A blender can be great for whipping potatoes without lumps, but it will certainly make the mash too elastic and spoil the smoothness desired for this type of potato preparation.

Food and hot liquids

If you think pureeing your soup in a blender is a good idea, think again. It’s very possible that your blender will “blow up” when you pour in the hot soup with the urge to turn it into a creamy soup. When you put the lid on the blender and run it on high speed, the steam from the hot soup has to escape somewhere.

Dough and marshmallows

If there’s one thing that’s not a good idea to put in a blender, it’s dough. There are special attachments for kneading dough in a food processor, but certainly not in a blender. Dough and egg mixtures are delicate. If you use white flour, it contains gluten, which makes the dough soft and elastic.

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