Why has the construction of the soup stopped?

In Bulgaria, all soups are respected, and some of them, of course, are even more fragrant and dense in flavor after settling. This is quite stressful for the housewife, because we are always worried that the soup has not “cured”, which usually means that it will turn into a white “little rag”. It doesn’t spoil the taste so much, because it doesn’t make you hungry at all.

In fact, few people guess that this “white rag” is actually boiled white. Many people make the mistake of using a whole egg instead of a yolk, and using a whole egg almost guarantees cross-over.

Make your own homemade broths

Instead of constantly buying broths from the store with things we don’t know about, you will make soup with this homemade broth…

For a wonderful development, we recommend the following:

1. Let the soup cool. It should be hot, but by no means boiling hot, when it accumulates.

2. To make the soup, in a 3.5 liter pot, beat very well 2 egg yolks with 1/2 cup yogurt in a bowl. Be sure to add a little broth to this mixture – 1-2 tablespoons. it’s enough Your build is ready.

3. Return the soup to medium heat and in a thin stream, stirring slowly and constantly, add the mixture from the bowl to your soup.

Sweet mushroom cream soup with spices

Creamy soups are excellently prepared by restaurant chefs, but don’t forget that you can replicate this recipe at home…

4. After mixing and stirring completely, remove the soup from the heat.

Your inner soup is ready!

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